Jim Cleveland

Jim Cleveland for AZ Senate

For the Family - Fighting for what matters most

Strong Families mean Strong Communities                           
and Strong Communities mean a Strong State!            

Jim is passionate about all families and the issues affecting them!

Top Issues

Family Economic Security

To help families in these difficult economic times and to create long term economic prosperity in Arizona.

-Support a free market economy, small businesses and a strong middle class to create a prosperous state economy.

- Support the traditional 5 C's of Arizona: Cattle, Copper, Cotton, Citrus, Climate; along with agriculture, ranching, mining, tourism and retirement as the strong foundation of our economy.

- Support a strong manufacturing sector for high paying jobs.

Family Education

- Complete transparency in education system. Parents have the right to know what their children are being taught.

- Universal school choice. Parents should have the right to send their children to the school that best reflects their values.

- Law enforcement on every school campus - to create a safe learning environment.

Family Freedom

- Support life from conception to natural death.

- Support a family's freedom to worship how and when they please.

Family Safety

Due to lax border policies, drug and human trafficking are fueling an alarming increase in crime across Arizona. Opiods, driven by Fentanyl, are tragically claiming the lives of thousands of Arizonans.

- Support the Second Amendment.

- Support fully funding Law and Border Enforcement.

- Support state agencies securing state borders if the federal government is unable or unwilling.

- Support mandatory jail time for any crime committed using a deadly weapon.