Jim Cleveland

Jim Cleveland for AZ Senate

For the Family - Fighting for what matters most

Strong Families mean Strong Communities                           
and Strong Communities mean a Strong State!            

Jim Cleveland believes in strong families.
He and his wife Dora have been married for 33 years and have 6 great children and 3 amazing grandchildren.



The Cleveland family has lived in Southeastern Arizona since 1880,
working as ranchers, cowboys, miners, and even a lawman. The photo here is of Jim's grandfather William Jasper "Mac" Cleveland at the original homestead in the Mule Mountains.


Jim is a veteran, having proudly served in the U. S. Navy for over 21 years -
first on Active Duty for 4 years, then over 17 years in the U. S. Naval Reserve. He retired as a Chief Petty Officer.
Jim has worked as a U. S. Army Civil Servant and a Director of a local children's ministry. He is currenty a teacher and a pastor.

Jim is passionate about all families and the issues affecting them!

Top Issues

Family Economic Security

   Family Education

      Family Freedom

        Family Safety

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